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Story Firm is a media agency and video production company based in Portland, Oregon. Since producing our first livestream for Google in 2012, we’ve continued to produce video with a level of collaboration, curiosity, and insight that makes for very effective communication and drives results. Strategic commercial, documentary, or event video with Story Firm and George Mihaly, Director, is easier and more cost-effective than you’d imagine. Reach out now. The consult is free. Email us today at or call us at (201)-953-2401. 

Brands we’ve generated millions of views for include:

“Story Firm was a fantastic production company to work with. They provided a streamlined service and end result that was very professional and came without much oversight. We will look forward to working with them again as future opportunities for collaboration are discovered.”
John Muse

VP of Sport, USA Climbing

“George and his team were nothing short of amazing — punctual, incredibly flexible, thorough, and professional. But it’s more than just these wonderful qualities that set Story Firm apart. They were able to bring my vision to life EVERY time, and exceeded my expectations each and every time. They are so energetic, kind, understanding and genuinely great people — it felt like I was working with close friends the entire time.”
Rosalba Martone

Director of Education, Perricone MD

“George pulled through by providing equipment and technical know-how to create a video livestream interview out of nowhere — near instantaneously, onsite. His ability to think quickly on his feet and knowledge of technology helped save the day. George can be counted on to rise above the bar and take the lead.”
Aaron Babst

Program Manager, Facebook & Former Program Manager at Google

Our video work has been featured by:
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